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Local Social SF

Rediscover San Francisco: Experience a Piece of the Neighborhood

Looking for fun things to do in SF? Need to make special plans for date night? Want to get the crew together and experience a new neighborhood like a local?  Then look no further!


Local Social SF partners with local businesses in several San Francisco neighborhoods to create the ultimate scavenger hunt experience filled with clues, activities, and more! We curate each experience to make sure the following elements are always included: fun, relationship building, learning something new, supporting local businesses, inclusivity, and surprise!

Read on to learn more about what we offer!

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Follow the Clues

Customized clues are made to get you from one location to the next. Work with your team to solve these clues and make it through the hunt!

Complete the Challenges

Each location has a special challenge to complete. Discover local businesses in a unique way by completing these challenges with your team!

Earn Points

Monitor your points in real-time as you solve clues and complete challenges. There are also opportunities for bonus points along the way!

Image by Helena Lopes

Founded by a couple of San Francisco locals who love creating fun adventures.

Image by Alejandro Sotillet
Partnered with Local Businesses

Adventure through the city like it's your own backyard! You'll visit all sorts of local businesses on your hunt and likely discover places you'll want to revisit.

Image by charlesdeluvio
Partner with Us!

We're looking to work with local businesses and owners to create a fun and new experience.



San Francisco, CA


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