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Partner With Local Social

A partnership with Local Social is a creative opportunity to drive groups of locals to your business to learn about your products/services in a fun and immersive way and potentially bring them back to visit or purchase from you in the future. Our partnership also creates free content for your business that you can repost on social media and expands your business reach to the social networks of those participating in Local Social events.

How Partnership Works

During Local Social events, participants will complete an activity or challenge at the place of business of the Local Partner. Participants will also have an opportunity to receive bonus points for posting a photo/video while at the Local Partner’s business using appropriate social media handles of the Local Partner and Local Social.

At the end of the event, participants receive a digital "goodie bag" where they receive additional information and special offers from the local businesses they visited during their Local Social event.

Local Partners will do the following to contribute towards a Local Social event:

1. Host an activity/challenge at their place of business.

2. Provide Local Social with a written paragraph about their business.

3. Provide Local Social with their website link and social media handles.

4. Create an offer incentivizing Local Social event participants to purchase on the spot or revisit/purchase from their business in the future.

5. Commit to participating in at least 4 Local Social events each year.

Challenge/Activity Requirements

Must be fun, connect to the experience at your business and/or teach participants something new. Challenges should be completable within a 2-10 minute time frame. Local Social will test and provide feedback before final approval.

Challenge/Activity Examples

Flower trivia at a local florist, naming beers from lightest to strongest at a local bar, finding a special tool at a local hardware store, blind taste test of ice cream samples at a local ice cream parlor, etc.

Offer Recommendations

Discounts, freebies, whatever makes sense to your business.

Offer Examples

10% off bicycle-related purchase at a local bike shop, free scoop of ice cream with purchase of 2 scoops at a local ice cream parlor, etc. 

What we look for in Local Partners

Local Partners must:

  1. Be owners of a local business that exists in the local area solely or was originated in the local area

  2. Be willing and flexible enough to host 8-30 participants for a short activity (2-10 minutes) within a 90-minute time window

  3. Be welcoming and courteous to participants to ensure a positive experience

  4. Be open and accepting of people of all cultures, backgrounds, etc.

  5. Be extremely reliable in delivering their part of the experience

  6. Provide some sort of activity/challenge for the participants to complete during that time

  7. Participate in the creation and feedback process to make future participant experiences better


Please take a moment to fill out the form. We look forward to learning more about you, your business, and collaborating on a future event!

Thanks for submitting!

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